Food & Drink

In New York, good food is everywhere. (Did we say, “good”? Because we meant “great.”) Famous restaurants, celebrity chefs, and time-honored family tradition abound in this city. At The Gallivant, you’re always just minutes away from a local hot spot; walking distance to Barbetta, Carmine’s Italian, Grand Central Oyster Bar, P.J. Clarke’s, and other famed NYC dining destinations.

For those in search of a drink, well, this is New York City. There’s a bar, pub, or club on nearly every corner. Whether you’re looking for something retro and chic, or loud and exciting, this city has it. When you arrive, we recommend you start with the bar next door.

We are also situated in between two restaurants — An’nam (ANNE-nom) Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine, and Ding Chinese Restaurant — with lobby doors connecting to each restaurant for the convenience of our guests. Breakfast is served in Ding Chinese Restaurant each morning from 7 to 10 A.M. (Breakfast can be purchased in-advance with your room booking, or the morning of at the check-in counter.)

We also offer catering for meetings and events.